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About Artisan Wine & Spirit Co

The Artisan Wine & Spirit Co is Salisbury’s only independent wine and spirit merchant, serving wine lovers in the local community and across the country.

With a truly exciting range of over nearly 500 wines, over 100 spirits as well as vermouths, liqueurs and craft beers and ciders, we’ve created a haven for those seeking the best quality and value for money wines from artisan producers across the world. As well as individuals, Artisan also supplies pubs, bars and restaurants.

Fifty combined years of knowledge and experience is too much not to share. From the shop in Salisbury we’ll help you discover the wines that you’ll want to drink over and over again.

Artisan by name, artisan by nature, to share the best wines and spirits out there.

Our ethos

We deliver amazing wines to wine lovers looking for the ultimate in quality and value for money. All our bottles are selected from artisan producers who share this ethos with us.

The team

Liz Coombes

Liz’s father probably wonders why he let her taste some of his Valpolicella when she was 9. The result is now that she’s spent more than half her life in the wine trade rather than becoming something useful like a doctor. But she considers making people happy with great wine to be extremely worthwhile and rewarding.

When she isn’t in the shop or hunting out new wines with Simon, she can be found attached to her oven because the other thing that makes people happy is cake. Half wine merchant, half baker, it’s a funny hybrid but one that means she has a lot of friends.

Her skills don’t end in the kitchen though. Liz has also accumulated 25 years’ worth of wine knowledge and experience, as a wine buyer for both a major retailer and some premium importers before specialising in exports for New Zealand wineries.

Somehow she also managed to use that precious time pre-children to study to Master of Wine level.

Simon Hill

Simon Hill

Simon is always on the lookout for a great wine, whether it’s a classed growth from Bordeaux, a new venture in South America or an unknown wine made from an unheard of grape variety from a land unknown for producing wine. 

Whilst Simon always puts quality first, he insists on it being at a great price ensuring the very best value for money at all levels.

Current wine favourites are South African Roussanne, south west French reds, our new Chilean Carmenere and of course, ridiculously good Burgundy! 

He loves listening to New Order, Joy Division and some might say weirdly for a Mancunian, supports United. If you come into the shop and you think, “this music is unusual”, it’s probably Simon that’s chosen it.

Our story

Liz and Simon met back in 1995 when they were both working at one of the country’s finest independent wine merchants. Becoming firm friends while loading Christmas wines into customers’ cars, they stayed in touch as they moved onto different jobs in the wine industry.

Fate dealt them a rather handy card when Simon sold his business and moved to Salisbury where Liz lived. They tossed ideas around for a year or so, and then, bingo, the perfect shop site and opportunity popped up in front of them like a cork exploding from a champagne bottle. 

Several months later, with much shop fitting, tasting, selecting, writing and ordering behind them (and the subsequent realisation that they agree on pretty much everything), The Artisan Wine & Spirit Co is now Salisbury’s only independent wine and spirit merchant, serving the local community but also able to deliver uniquely-sourced wine and other drinks across the country.

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