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We love events because we love people. That’s why we have a calendar of tastings and events running throughout the year that cover everything from beer, the entire world of wine, liqueurs and spirits and food and wine matching experiences.

Our events feature experts from around the world who’ll infect you with their enthusiasm and knowledge. You’ll leave with a whole heap of new favourites and no doubt some new friends too.

You might also grab the chance to hold your own private tasting for a group of friends in our lovely shop. These evenings are tailor-made for you and it won’t involve us standing and talking at you. They’re about having fun and being interactive, just like a group of friends having a drink and a chat. Give us a shout for more details or if you have any questions.

Find out more about our upcoming events below or visit the shop to buy tickets.

Please note that none of our events have physical tickets – they work on a “name on the door” system. Event tickets are non-refundable but can be passed on to family and friends. Please let us know though so that we have the right name on the door. 

rums & drums - the return

It’s back! The most successful and most fun event of last year returns! And it will be even better.

International rum expert Paul will be back and we’ll be tasting four rums before sitting down for a firepit-cooked feast from our friend Ross at Roam Catering. There will be wine available so you don’t have to just have to drink rum with your food!

Then we’ll open up the bar and you can get yourselves on the dance floor when the full steel band return for their second year with us. They’re awesome and had you quite literally cartwheeling last year!

This event sold out quickly last year and people have been talking about it ever since. It also attracted a lot of attention on the evening so don’t hang around. Tickets last year were £69 but we’re aware of the current economy so are offering early bird tickets for only £60 for a limited time. Get in!

When: Friday 29th September, 7 to 10.30pm

Where: Huge marquee in Guildhall Square. You can’t miss it

What: Rum, expert chat, welcome drink, food, bar, band, dancing

Why: This was the highlight of Salisbury’s social calendar last year and people still talk about it. So why wouldn’t you!

Please select “Local Pick Up” at checkout but remember there are no physical tickets for our events – we operate on a “names on the guest list” system.

'spirits in the streets' - halloween walk

We’re back with Timezone Tours for another spooky history walk around our beautiful city. Prepare to be fascinated and maybe a little bit frightened as our guides tell us tales of Salisbury past. 

We’ll meet at the OA&CH for a drink before we set of on our walk armed with a couple of snifters and then we’ll finish up back at the pub for some warming, hearty food

Bring warm clothing, maybe an umbrella and your best pair of listening ears.

When: Wednesday 1st November, 7pm meet
Where: The Old Ale & Coffee House, 80 Crane Street, Salisbury

What: A fascinating history walk armed with drinks and back for a hot meal.

Why: Because you can never learn enough about the history of our beautiful city and it’s even better with a drink in hand.

Please select “Local Pick Up” at checkout but remember there are no physical tickets for our events – we operate on a “names on the guest list” system.

Please also let us know whether you’d prefer red or white wine in the comments when you order, as well as any dietary requirements

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