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Bring a jar zero waste whisky

Zero-Waste Whisky

It’s rather apt that, just as the Tokyo Olympics start and Team GB are gathering a haul of variously coloured medals, our little shop has also struck gold.

Feeling rather proud standing up here on the highest podium, and possibly with a little tear in our eye,  we are very thrilled that we have become the first stockist of “fill your own whiskies” in England. 

A few weeks ago we took delivery of five of the most beautiful glass demijohns we’ve ever seen. It was then an agonising wait to receive the precious liquid that would fill them but we struggled through and pretty much rearranged the shop to accommodate them.

So what does this mean? This means that you now have a new way to buy whisky and a sustainable way at that. With a carbon footprint of up to 70% less than bottled whisky, we offer a range of exclusive whiskies unlike anything else sold by the bottle.

Put simply, these whiskies are offered straight from cask which means they are cask strength, haven’t been diluted or filtered and have had no colourings added, meaning they’re as naked as the day they were born. And not a single one will you find in a bottle in any other retailer.

We get that buying a really good bottle of whisky can be something of an investment. So now you can try up to 5 whiskies at any one time, all from different regions, different styles, different cask finishes and all available in either 100 or 200ml reusable bottles*.

Meaning you can try an 11 Year Old Speyside aged in Marsala Barriques** for a fraction of the price of a full bottle (100 ml bottles are on average between £8 and £12), bring the bottle back and refill with a 13 year Old Lowland aged in Ruby Port casks.  Or you could do what some customers have done already and buy a small bottle of all of them – gift buying just got very very easy.

Apart from the rum tasting, this is the single most exciting thing to happen to us in the three short months since we opened our doors and it’s definitely got people talking. 

When a demijohn is empty we simply select another whisky straight from barrel. This is an ever-evolving voyage of whisky discovery so get on board and let’s go!

Our first whiskies are:

  • Caol Ila 10 YO Islay aged in Virgin Oak Casks
  • Mannochmore 11YO Speyside aged in Marsala Barriques
  • Dailuaine 12 YO Speyside aged in Pedro Ximenez Hogsheads
  • Glenkinchie 13 YO aged in Ruby Port Barriques

** we don’t make a profit on these little bottles. We hope you use them time and time again and bring them back to try another dram.

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